Yann Busnel

Professor – Vice-President for Research and Innovation

Teaching activities

Summary of courses provided

Since my first given lesson, I’ve teach to a large trend of levels and public : Licenses (all level), Masters (Research and Professional), Miage (Management for Computer Sciences), In- tensive foundation degree for Selective schools, Intensive foundation degree for Agrégation exam, Engineer students in Computer Sciences, High-school professor continuing education. I’ve given Lectures for 15 to 300-student classes, Tutorials and Practical Works for 6 to 40-student groups. Below, the list of public institution where I’ve teach (ranked by the number of hours spent there) :

—  Université de Nantes, Computer Sciences Department (∼ 1200 h equiv. Tuto.) ;

—  Ecole Nationale de la Statistique and de l’Analyse de l’Information (∼ 310 h equiv. Tuto.);

—  Ecole Normale Supérieure de Rennes (∼ 220 h equiv. Tuto.) ;

—  Chateaubriand High-school, Rennes (∼ 192 h equiv. Tuto.) ;

—  Université de Rennes 1, Computer Sciences Department (∼ 125 h equiv. Tuto.) ;

—  Rectorat of Académie de Nantes (∼ 120 h equiv. Tuto.) ;

—  IMT Atlantique (ex-Télécom Bretagne) (∼ 105 h equiv. Tuto.) ;

—  Université de Rennes 1, Mathematics Department (∼ 40 h equiv. Tuto.) ;

—  Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, Eco-Management (∼ 38 h equiv. Tuto.).

MOOC participation

From 2018 to 2023, I have been co-leading the editorial committee on the MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) deployment strategy within the Institut Mines-Télécom. Today, the IMT’s collection includes 40 MOOCs and the IMT is currently working on the production or design of about twenty new MOOCs, including three new certification courses.

In addition, I participated in 2020 in the new version of the MOOC Ose les métiers de l’in- dustrie du futur, a discovery path on Industry 4.0.

Topic-based summary tables of lessons

Large-scale Distributed Architectures153 h Lect. + 215 h Tuto/Lab
Programming (Java, Javascript, C, Caml, Pascal, etc.) 74 h Lect. + 640 h Tuto/Lab
Algorithmic72,33 h Lect. + 158 h Tuto/Lab
Large-scale database61 h Lect. + 111 h Tuto/Lab
UML30 h Lect. + 24 h Tuto/Lab
Computer networks and systems60 h Lect. + 80 h Tuto/Lab
Advising / Methodology / Basic tools40 h Lect. + 144 h Tuto/Lab